Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bandwith Rage and Brand Differentiation

 Welcome to Minneapolis, #2 cycling city in the US according to percentage of commuters, but that does not discourage the barrage of bikehate from inconvenienced drivers, even on public radio (websites).
That said, there is plenty of bikelove, bikelust, bikelike, and biketoleratewhenIhaveto out there.  In that spirit, I give a shout out to fellow Minneapolis bike blogger Snak Shak at http://www.snakshak.blogspot.com.  Sr. Snak came down all the way from Alaska to tell us Minnesotans to quit bitching about our winters and grow a pair.  Besides, he had to deal with the likes of her.

Another BikeLover (similar to a Chicken Lover) noticed that my blog bares a striking resemblance to another website.  I can only assume he was referring to my greatest inspiration to join the Internetweb - being dragged kicking and screaming into the 1990s - and risk association with Nigerian bank scams and lullzcats.

Of course there are other bike bloggers out there who I risk association with, such as Penny Farthing Prig New Amsterdam.  To be fair, we are using the same medium, the Blog, which has the journalistic and literary respect somewhere between yellow lines in snow and middle school newspaper editorials.  Therefore, our Work is similar in form and tone.  We also have many important differences.  For starters, I have honestly zero interest in professional cycling, much the same as many drivers do not enjoy cars driving in circles really fast [http://www.nascar.com].  Also, I live and commute in Minneapolis, whereas PFPNA lives and commutes in New York, which has a higher proportion of celebrities, and a lower proportion of Celebrities.  Finally, my photography is actually even worse and taken on a shitty cell phone camera, or more often not taken at all.

Chances are PFPNA will never hear about me, though I have heard reports of his sighting on Grand Avenue in St. Paul.  Here is a shot of him 'benting in New York:

The resemblance is striking.

And it is a shame my photography (and photographability) has not yet developed, because I miss the opportunity to capture such stunning such as that by one Orkid.  Also, my blog posts turn out a little bare in visuals.  To compensate for that, I leave you with a shot I took of a awe-inspiring example of Uptown ingenuity

Let that be a reminder to share the road, but BYOB.

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